Our History

Like many Calgarians, Phil VanderVeen Sr., emigrated from Holland to Canada in the early 1950’s. For several years he worked as a laborer and supervisor for Dominion Construction. In 1956, with only a wheelbarrow on the roof of his car, and with his wife Lee, willing to do the bookkeeping, Phil Sr. went door-to-door offering to install concrete. Phil’s commitment to hard work and quality soon established A-1 Cement Contractors as a company that its customers could depend on.

Over the years, all of Phil and Lee’s seven children worked in various capacities at A-1 Cement. Then in 1985, Phil Jr. and his wife Linda purchased the company from mom and dad.

With a commitment to strong family values, Phil Jr. carries on the tradition of employing family members. It is not unusual to see brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, sons and daughters working at A-1 Cement. Since 1985, A-1 Cement has continued to grow and develop new markets. The company that started with one wheelbarrow has grown to sport a fleet of modern trucks, pickups, bobcats, lasers and computers.

Despite the growth, A-1 continues to recognize that customers want quality workmanship and honest trades people working for them. A-1’s reputation has been built on honesty and basic Christian principles. We recognize God as our provider. He has been faithful to us from the beginning.

Our Saftey

A-1 Cement believes that a company can only do a job right if you also execute it safely. Safety forms a very important part in how A-1 Cement does its work, therefore, we have developed and implemented a very comprehensive safety program.

A-1 Cement is very proud of its safety track record. The company’s accidents and incidents record is one of the lowest and, thus, one of the best in the industry.

A-1 Cement is a member of ACSA (Alberta Construction Safety Association). ACSA has a very stringent industry code that one has to adhere to in order to receive one’s COR (Certificate of Recognition) status. A-1 Cement has had COR since 1999. This puts A-1 Cement in an elite category that tells its customers that it is a company that is committed to safety.

Every employee receives a complete Safety Manual which includes A-1 Cement Health and Safety Policies, Safe Work Practices, Safe Job Procedures, Emergency Response Plans, and contact numbers.

Employees continuously take courses at ACSA and they also receive in-house training. Comprehensive safety training ensures that all employees stay up to date with the latest Health and Safety legislation, regulations, and practices.

A-1 Cement has a spacious and modern Safety Room that also serves as our in-house training facility. A1 Cement Safety Room is complimented by a laptop, projector screen, TV, video machine, DVD player, and a small library – containing all the related Safety books and visual material needed to support our Safety program.

A-1 Cement’s Management team is committed to continuously bettering our Health and Safety Program, by providing the necessary resources to, and encouraging participation of, all employees to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and visitors.


A-1 Cement does work for a variety of companies including:

New Home Builders